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Photograph of Bhattacharya, Neil
Can the conglomerate do more with capital than the single-segment firm? Three decades later, through economic ups and downs, even financial crisis, new research shows that conglomerates like GE best single-segment firms in terms of operational efficiency. SMU Cox Accounting Professors Neil Bhattacharya and Jeff Jiewei Yu and Finance Professor Johan Sulaeman find consistent results that segments of diversified firms are operationally more efficient than their single-segment industry peers.

Author: Ward, Morgan

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Have you ever had to pump up your self-esteem before entering a luxury goods store like Hermes or Chanel? New research by Marketing Professor Morgan Ward of SMU Cox School of Business and co-author offer a contemporary analysis of an age-old problem — the effects of salesperson snobbery in luxury goods purchases. The authors find that in the long run, rejecting customers doesn't pay off.

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