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Author: Kim, Bo Kyung

Photograph of Kim, Bo Kyung
Opera companies have the ability to distinguish themselves from other opera companies and competition from other performing arts venues that vie for audiences. In new research, SMU Cox Strategy Professor Bo Kyung Kim of SMU Cox and co-author Michael Jensen explore the options opera companies have to address their competitive positioning. Paradoxically, the authors find, to create space for unconventional repertoire choices it may be necessary to make yet more conventional choices. Opera companies will then want to include even more popular operas or blockbusters — Puccini's La Bohème, Verdi's La Traviata, or Bizet's Carmen.

Author: Sulaeman, Johan

Photograph of Sulaeman, Johan
Investors in the stock market are in a perpetual state of needing information about the firms in which they invest. Value-relevant information about firms is often geographically dispersed. Finance professor Johan Sulaeman of SMU Cox and co-authors parse the impact of geography on information and performance in their new research. The authors suggest that local information advantages do matter, and institutional investors that play the local advantage angle realize higher returns on their stock portfolio holdings.

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