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Author: Tan, Tom

Photograph of Tan, Tom
Ever wonder why Disney's Marvel superhero machine keeps audiences coming back for more? The recent follow up with "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" after "Thor: The Dark World" satisfied a large swathe of movie audiences. New research by ITOM Professor Tom Tan and co-authors reveals why popular movie titles keep getting more popular. The new findings run counter to the trendy "long tail" effect that captured the imaginations of researchers and marketers. The study shows that consumers tend to watch more and more hits as product variety grows.

Author: Braun, Michael

Photograph of Braun, Michael
One of the most important measures of company success is its return on investment from marketing. But retaining customers comes at a high cost — that may not be justified by the expected long-term returns in the future. New research by SMU Cox Marketing Professor Michael Braun and co-authors shows how transaction-specific information about customer experiences can help companies assess the effect of service quality on future cash flow. Instead of focusing on the cost to acquire or retain a customer, companies should pay more attention to the value of customers.

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